V1.1 Released

New features:

  • Universal gamepad support!
    •  I've only tested Xbone, PS4, and Wii U with the 8bitdo adapter. Lease a comment if you try something that isn't working.
  • New NPC store Brie's Keys. Find the missing key for a permanent upgrade!
  • UI menu tweaks for usability
  • Minor visual and functional tweaks.

Behind the Scenes:

  • General bug fixes. And when I say general I mean a TON of bug fixes. My brain hurts.
  • Totally new saving system. The game will autosave your progress. Next update will include a way to delete save data and start fresh, stand by for that. Like stand way by... I need a damn break after this release!


YAD_Mac.zip 71 MB
Apr 21, 2021
YAD_Windows.zip 72 MB
Apr 21, 2021


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