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- Find magic weapons and fight your way through this lo-fi soundscape twin-stick shooter -

- Estimated time to beat:  30m - 1h -

Oh No Pono Games Instagram -

(Note: This game is a demo highlighting style and potential features. It is fully functional and you can play through 3 semi-randomized levels.)

You Are Dead is about you... who are dead. You will interact with curious characters to learn more about this strange world, in which you seem to die, come back to life, die, come back to life, and on and on. Progress through a retro/ pixel world to overcome monsters, discover new weapons and items, and destroy a pesky Wyvern!

(This is just a demo, so this is just a snippet of the larger story.)

YAD is part hand crafted, part procedurally generated. 

Find magic rods to cast spells, a variety of swords and handheld weapons, and stat-boosting items. 

Explore retro inspired maps, use your boomerang to stun enemies and unlock secret areas, and make your way to the bottom of the dungeon!

Ranged Weapons

Handheld Weapons

Items and Powerups

-  A retro inspired twin stick shooter  -

-  3 levels (all semi-randomized)  -

-  Tutorial  -

-  Hub world  -

-  Easy / Hard Modes  -

-  25 Unique ranged weapons (some rarer than others)  -

-  29 Close combat weapons  -

-  25 Powerup items  -

-  15 Enemy types  -

-  Randomized events, puzzles, and characters  -

-  Full of little surprises!  -


This game is free, and as such I am imposing with a request - that you please fill out this survey. I have yet to decide if I will be continuing development on this (as it's my first game ever). I want to know if it is good, what you liked, didn't like, and whether I should keep going.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill out this survey. Thank you!


Game - Jones Levenson

Dev Log - Oh No Pono Games Instagram

Udemy Inspiration - James Doyle

SFX - SubspaceAudio

Art - lunarsignals

Additional Design - Brie Rios

Music -

Devlog & Updates


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Took me  awhile to get 'round to playing because of work :(
But, I really enjoyed the improvements. Looking forward to more from you!

Wow dude I just laughed out loud the whole time. You're so entertaining! Thank you for playing. I know it's dark souls tough, but there are rules and once you figure out the cadence it's much more forgiving. Hope you'll work to get to the end!

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Awesome game!! Would love to play with controller, looking forward to the full game :D


Dude amazing thank you! Hope you keep pushing through. It’s hard to master. 

If the demo has 3 levels excluding the tutorial I think I only saw two. Still, got to take down the dragon twice so that's not bad for an undead... whatever my character is. Human? :)

Dang, it actually is not the end of the level. Do you know if you played V1.0 or V1.01?

Found out this is a bug. Have updated in V1.02. Hope you'll try again and beat the game as a whole!


I think I played 1.01 since I dowloaded the build a few days ago. So there is one more level, okey, I'm going back in. :)

And done! About 21 minutes, no deaths. :) 

My man! 🙌

You played on easy didn’t you 👀

Easy, yes, didn't try hard mode yet.

Made a video


This is awesome thanks! I noticed the Boss didn’t trigger on your second encounter. Can you tell me if you were playing v1.0 or 1.01?


Happy you enjoyed it and I believe the version we played was the 1.0 version.


Got it. The v1.01 should have fixed that issue. If you continue to play lmk if you have that same issue with the new version. Would also appreciate if you filled out the survey 🙏


hello there, thanks for commenting in my youtube channel about your game. this in my first time playing this game, i hope you could get what you need in this video :)


Honored you would make this video! I hope you had fun. 

Its kinda hard to spot the bat and the bees. Beside that, i enjoy this game :)

Thanks! If you could would you please fill out the survey?